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DANZ is the artistic signature for Dan Roberts, artist, writer and graphic designer from West Reading, Pennsylvania. DANZ past artistic endeavors have evolved from impressionistic images drawn from nature, to abstract expressionism, to a focus on the human body. That came after taking some “life drawing” lessons (drawing a live nude) which were focused on life figures, either facial or full body. “I find the human form one of the most interesting, complicated and fulfilling objects to draw or paint. To capture both the look and the feel of the person is challenging but, in the end, very satisfying.” More recently, when researching his ancestry, DANZ found a high percentage (92%) of his background is Irish, Scot and Welsh. That research has inspired him to create drawings and paintings using Celtic designs as the basis of his work. He has also begun experimenting with making faux stone sculptures, carving out Celtic symbols that one would find in ancient holy places in Ireland and Scotland. 

"My artwork comes as much from my heart as it does from my head. Many of the pieces that I've completed are the result of working, then setting them aside for a day or two, sometimes a week or two, letting them "marinate." After getting them out again I evaluated them to see what needs to be done, if anything. It is that process of working, then waiting, then working again, that helps me to be assured that the piece is not only pleasing to the eye, but has connected with my heart as well."

Born: 1947

Art Education:    
Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OH
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, Reading, PA

1966 - FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS, Downers Grove, IL
1967 - THE LEFT BANK ART SHOW, Hinsdale, IL
1968 - ART AT THE YESTERYEAR, Kankakee, IL
2017-2019 - ART PLUS GALLERY, West Reading, PA           ......................(Exhibiting member)
2017 - NUM3ERS - GOGGLEWORKS, Reading, PA
2018 - Famous Red Chair - Temporary/Mobile Exhibit
2019 - FACES of West Reading - Art Plus Gallery

DANZ a.k.a Dan Roberts

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Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 2.24.27 PM.png


My journey in the art world started when I was very young. I was only 8 years old when my parents recognized that my artistic abilities were more than a passing phase. While other kids my age were drawing stick figures, my drawings were of a more mature, sophisticated nature. At the urging of my school art teacher, my parents enrolled me in a class at the Canton (Ohio) Museum of Art. It was there, under the direction of a wonderful instructor, that my artistic talents blossomed. To this day, when I smell artist oil paint, my mind goes back to those early lessons where I learned to mix and blend the oils in order to produce my intended outcome. 


As I entered my teens I continued to express myself through my art, however, other interest, especially religious studies, took over. My freshman year in college was an example of how my focus was divided. My major was Art, my minor was Religion. Religion eventually won out. I continued to pursue a degree in Theology with the expectation of going to seminary. However, after doing an internship as a chaplain at a suburban Chicago hospital, my interest turned to healthcare which I made my adult vocation. It was after working in hospitals in Chicago and Washington, D.C. that I ended up making my home in Reading, Pennsylvania, first as a staff member at Reading Rehabilitation Hospital and then in my own private practice for nearly 22 years. 


The resurgence of my interest in art came about after the death of my wife, Monique, in 2005. It was a friend, knowing of my despondency in the wake of my loss, who suggested I do something that I really liked. "Something," he said, "that would bring some joy into your life." Having not done any artwork for years, I took a watercolor class at a local arts center. Like a duck to water, I began producing paintings that surprised even my instructor. From there my artistic interest and ability began to grow, partly because I found that expressing myself on canvas or paper was a therapeutic way of working through the trauma of my wife's passing. Eventually, I took other classes and, finally, I was invited to exhibit some of my pieces. Within a short time I was asked to join a co-op of artists at a local art gallery. That experience not only placed me into a wonderful circle of artists, talented people who helped me in growing in my abilities as an artist, but also taught me much about both the displaying and marketing of art.


I am now continuing my journey in the art world, exploring various means and methods of connecting with people who would enjoy seeing the work that I produce. My hope is that you are one who will want to see some of my art on the following pages. And, PLEASE, if you are interested in some of my future work, sign up on my “contact page”. Thanks!

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